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CD 128M


Screen Resolution 240 x 96
LCD Screen 3.0″
Device Color White
Screen Color Black & White
Size L 10.4cm / W 7.5cm / H 2cm
Weight 100g
Internal Memory -
Slot Setting -
Battery 3A Alkaline battery x 2
Connection Interface -
Handwriting Yes
Sentence Translation -
Real Human Tutor -
Pronunciation Mode KK
Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation -
Pronunciation Comparison -
Pronunciation Content Word, Phrase, Sample sentence, Multi-language dialogue
Chinese Input Method Smart Pinyin, Chinse Symbol, Chinese handwritting, Total Strokes
Accessories User’s Manual, AAA Alkaline battery x 2, Pouch, Stylus Pen

Kamus Pelangi

The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (2nd Edition)

Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary

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