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Quality Management


Besta’s quality system is an integrated system which focuses on quality product performance, consistent management and positive customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, our quality processes ensure continuous surveillance and improvement in the design of components and products to ensure product reliability. Our in-house rigorous reliability testing system ensures that our product quality surpasses those of our competitors in terms of product lifespan and endurance in actual use.

Inventec Besta has five consolidated quality systems: the software development certification system, the design quality assurance system, the components verification system, the manufacturing quality inspection system, and the customer service management system. These five major quality systems ensure all products are produced within strict quality guidelines for greatest customer satisfaction. Our quality assurance system is accredited under the ISO 9001 standard.

In terms of our production and service systems, we maintain a strict quality control regime covering subcontractor screening, component certification, incoming material inspection, subcontractor supervision, production line sampling and testing, final product shipping, and after sales service. We also employ state-of-the-art SMD and TAB heat seal and automatic testing and inspection technologies in order to achieve the strictest level of quality control.