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Kamus Sarjana Chinese Malaysia Dictionary Card

BESTA Kamus Sarjana Dictionary Card


The most powerful and largest Chinese-Malay Bilingual Dictionary Card

Largest: With more than 9,000 Chinese words, 70,000 expressions, 70,000 derived phrases, 150,000 entries that can be checked.

Highest number of entries: Large numbers of idioms, phrases, proverbs, short sentences, model sentences etc, with words and contextual meanings translated plus full explanations in Malay.

Most up-to-date: Contains latest words, terms, common expressions etc; large number of words included, with new contents and accurate explanations.

Latest: Includes synonyms, words with multiple pronunciations and meanings; with standard Hanyu pinyin and standard Malay phonetic notations.

A remarkable production after 11 years of hard work by well-known Malay language scholar and dictionary editor Dr Yang Quee Yee as well as Nanyang University alumnae Professor Zhao Yue Zhen and Madam Chan Maw Who.


Kamus Sarjana Chinese Malaysia Dictionary Card