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  • 4 Efficient & Comprehensive Dictionaries.
  • KBSR/KBSM Learning for Malay & English language which includes grammar, proverb and many more.
  • Multi-language dialog.
  • Fast searching & cross reference for word search.
  • Pocket size.

Efficient & Comprehensive Dictionary

  • Consist of DBP English-Malay Dictionary, DBP Malay-Malay Dictionary (4th Edition), Pelangi Malay-English Dictionary and Science and Mathematic Dictionary. User can search any word to know the exact meaning. Aside from that, the dictionary also can pronounce in English, this is important for those who eager to learn English.

The Latest Learning with Technology

  • Technology criteria like smart search with cross reference and search engine function make it easy to revise back certain words in just one second. This function save a lot of time for user to learn English and Malay languages in a fastest way.

KBSR / KBSM Learning

  • Built in with English/Malay Grammar, Proverb, Idiom, Simile and Part of Verb. English and Malay learning tools in MD221 helps student to understand and do better in their exam. Also built-in with several English Test as exercises for students. Such test can verify user’s proficiency towards English education.

Foreign Language Learning

  • 9 foreign languages in Multi-Language Dialog consist of English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spain, French, Indonesian and Thailand. This is very useful for beginners and travelers in meeting new people and learning new cultures.

Islamic Scholar / Geographical Info / Malaysian History

  • Consist of 16 infamous Islamic Scholars all over the world. Extra information such as Geographical Info and Malaysian History are also one of the essential elements in this general knowledge category.

分辨率 240 x 96
LCD屏幕 3″ x 1.2″
机身颜色 白色
屏幕颜色 Black & White
机器尺寸 L:10cm W:7cm H:1.5cm
机器重量 120g
出厂内存 876MB
插槽配置 -
电池配置 Alkaline AAA
连线接口 -
手写功能 -
全句翻译 -
真人家教 -
发音模式 -
Live Voice 正音系统 -
正音比对 -
发音内容 English word, Multi Language Dialog, Chinese vocabularies, Pronunciation in Multi Language Dialog
中文输入 -
其他配件 User Manual, Alkaline AAA Battery x 2

牛津高阶词典 (英-马)

Kamus Dewan 马马(第4版)

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