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  • 1 Million vocabularies within 18 leading and comprehensive dictionaries including the Oxford Fajar and Dewan Bahasa Pustaka.
  • Speak confidently with the help of Live Voice & Pronunciation Comparison Technology together with demo.
  • Complete learning of Malay & English Lessons which include grammar, proverb, idiom and many more.
  • Multi language features from dictionaries & dialog.
  • Multimedia application of video learning and recording together with mp3/mp4 player.
  • Fast & fun searching with colored and touch screen plus the handwriting application

Clear pronunciation and pronunciation comparison

  • BESTA latest technology helps you to improve your pronunciation with Live Voice and pronunciation comparison function. Provide demo pronunciation application: listening, record and play back function.

English Language Learning

  • Contains English grammar, proverb, idioms, antonym, synonym and others in order to enhance your English learning process.
  • Contains English phonetics with clear pronunciation in order to give you better understanding in English pronunciation.
  • Basic words from Oxford, IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE which can give you better understanding in English language.
  • Contains animated English grammar video to give better understanding in learning English language.
  • Contains English dialogue which help you in a daily life conversation.

Arabic Language Learning

  • Arabic useful vocabulary with a clear pronunciation.
  • Consist of Arabic dialogue with different situation.
  • 100 basic Arabic words.
  • Provide with Arabic Illustrated Dictionary with various fields.


  • Reference of 4 main languages (M-E-A-C).
  • Dictionary and multi-dialogue complete with pronunciation in Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Thailand, Korean and other languages.
  • Pronunciation demo for Japanese, Korean and Chinese Learning.
  • Writing techniques skill of Pinyin and Character Stroke.

Malay Language Learning

  • Contains Malay Language subject such as grammar, proverb, idioms, Malay Literature and thesaurus.

Additional Info

  • Consist of additional info such as Prime Minister Info, Geographical Info of 14 states in Malaysia, National Principles, Malaysia History from 1400-2010 and also Islamic Scholar Info.

Physics and Chemistry

  • Equipped with periodic table, Chemical elements and Physics formulas as references.
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