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  • 12 most prestige and comprehensive dictionaries which includes Oxford Fajar, Dewan Bahasa Pustaka & Britannica Encyclopedia.
  • Complete KBSR/KBSM learning for Malay & English Language covering grammar, proverb, idiom and many more.
  • Variation of languages within dictionaries and dialogue including Arabics, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  • Complete with the Live Voice technology.
  • Fast searching & cross search function for word.
  • Learning with animation and interactive video.
  • MP3/MP4 player.

Great quality of references in 12 dictionaries including Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s English-Malay, Dewan Malay-Malay Dictionary, Dewan English-Malay Dictionary, Pelangi Malay-English Dictionary, Arab-Malay/Malay-Arab Dictionary, Encyclopedia Britannica, 14 Languages Dictionary, Animated Dictionary, Illustrated Dictionary, ICT Dictionary, and Mathematic & Science Dictionary.


Clear & accurate pronunciation technology make you’re learning become better each day and you can speak well in English.


Syllable pronunciation function let you know how to pronounce the word so that you can’t make mistakes anymore.


Updated terminologies consist of various field of study.


Learning English & Malay continuously.


Illustration, animated and interactive video learning.


4 main languages references in Malaysia (M-E-A-C). It also can pronounce in these 4 languages as well.


Arabic dialog and vocabularies.


Chinese characters learning which you can learn how to write, pronounce in Chinese. Also provided with Chinese classifier.


Consist of 14 languages in multi-language dictionary and 10 languages in multi-dialog with writing and pronunciation.


Trilingual illustrated learning consists of various categories.


Coloured touch screen & hand writing application.


Multimedia application, video learning & record and replay.


MP3 / MP4 / digital recorder.


Smart search & cross references


Font setting.


Micro SD Slot.


USB 2.0.