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CD Series
BESTA CD Series -
Targeted at Chinese speakers to provide the users access to make accurate and instant dictionary referencing in Chinese , English and also Malay languages.
MD Series
BESTA MD Series -
Specially developed for Malay speakers. The dictionary content and its functions are developed to provide the users access to dictionary referencing as well as aid learning in Malay and English more effectively.
Learning cards
Besta learning card series, more other learning contents for school teachers, students, professional and public.
"I owe all this to my Besta, which has also substantially helped me improve my English conversation. I have now gained the confidence to score straight A’s again in the coming SPM” - Ashley / Student, PMR 8A’s in year 2010
Service centres
At BESTA we are committed to ensuring our future customers and users are able to browse and test our products with full instructional support from our staff. Our personalised tutorials are tailored to your needs whether you are a beginner or a capable user.”
Where to buy
More than 300 Besta counters / dealers throughout Malaysia, we provides after-sales service and free downloads services...